Frequently Asked Questions

Are gutters, rain water and drainage goods replaced?

As part of the project an innovative integrated SWI guttering system will be installed as well as new drainage and flue pipes, where required to accommodate the insulation.

EWI Pro Ltd

Who will be installing the SWI?

Westdale Services North Ltd have been selected by competitive tender to undertake the SWIi installations. Westdale are a specialist SWI contractor with a successful track record of delivering award winning SWI schemes.

Westdale Services Ltd.

What are the Fire Regulations for SWI?

External wall insulation must comply with current stringent fire and building regulations and have a valid BBA certificate. All required certification for the SWI products being installed have been provided to Durham County and their contract manager/clerk of works RNJ Ltd.

What guarantees are provided?

Each solid wall insulation installation is covered by a 25 year insurance backed ECO guarantee.

What is the cost?

All SWIi work is free to benefiting property owners. The cost of SWI normally ranges from £6-£12,000.

Are there any grants to help pay for SWI?

Yes. There are ECO grants available through the major energy companies which can pay for on average 25% of the cost depending on property type and condition. Contact Durham County Council Housing Solutions Regeneration Team for further details on 03000 265 259.

Who will supervise the work installation?

Durham County Council and their contract manager/clerk of works RNJ Ltd will supervise the installation, inspect and sign off all work and ensure property owners are satisfied with the work carried out before guarantees are issued.

Project Manager

Adrian Cantle-Jones, tel. 03000 265 259

Energy Efficiency Officer

Sue Carr, tel. 03000 261 079

Westdale Site Manager

Dave Ogden, tel. 0784 120 6769